The Exchange Club's Child Abuse Prevention Day
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Members of the Exchange Club of the San Ramon Valley took part in a child abuse prevention event on April 17, 2010 at Lundardi's Market in Danville. Alicia Watson, organizer of the event, arranged for a fingerprinting station staffed by Danville Police and big shiny fire engine provided by the SRV Fire Protection District. The fire engine was a magnet for kids, young and old, and at times was almost filled with children. After a thorough examination of the fire engine, parents brought their children to the fingerprinting station and then picked up literature on child safety and abuse prevention and recognition. Exchange Club members participating in the important event were Bill Conroy, Lee and Margie Halverson, Steve Mick, Karen Stepper, Mary Tuttle and Alicia Watson.

The Exchange Club expresses its sincere thanks to Lunardi's Market for their generous hospitality in providing space for the event.

The National Exchange Club sponsors the Believe in the Blue child abuse prevention project nationwide. Believe in the Blue is an effort to reach families all across the nation with helpful, positive parenting tips. The Exchange Club believes parents have the power to make positive parenting choices in the lives of their children and offers some easy-to-use tips to help all parents.

The National Exchange Club is a group of men and women working to make America a better place to live through one national project, the Prevention of Child Abuse, and other community service projects. To date, The National Exchange Club's efforts have helped more than 656,000 families and 1.6 million children break the cycle of child abuse through its parent aide programs and public education projects. Exchange sponsors a number of Child Abuse Prevention centers. For more information, please visit the website of the National Exchange Club Foundation at

Exchange Club President Karen Stepper and her Grandchild Jackson have a close look at the fire engine.

Exchange Club members Bill Conroy and Alicia Watson were among the workers at the Child Abuse Prevention table.

Danville Police volunteers Bob Gross, Sabrina Titelbaum and Harry Hubinger staffed the fingerprint table.

Alicia Watson receives a quick lesson in how to drive a fire engine from firefighter Chris Harder.

The fingerprint table had many interested bystanders.

The fire engine was popular and drew many visitors to the Abuse Prevention table

Firefighters Chris Harder and Brian Morales were popular with the children.