Scholarship Competition Winners Announced

The Exchange Club announced the winners of the recent Scholarship Competition at a ceremony held at the San Ramon City Council meeting on May 11, 2010. Participants were Miranda Halverson, Rebecca Rashid, Roxanne Lindsay - Co-Chair, Mayor Abram Wilson, Karen Stepper - Exchange President, Katherine Zhang, Emma Grager, Steven Lau and Eric Wang. Not pictured are Kylie Day, Jessica Ritenour and Alexander Salazer.

Scholarship winners with Exchange Club judges. Roxanne Lindsay - Judge,
Steven Lau - 2nd place, Emma Grager - 1st place, Eric Wang - 3rd place,
Karen Stepper - Exchange Club President and June Hannon - Judge.

The Exchange Club hosted its 6th annual college essay competition

Area high school students had an opportunity to interact with prominent local residents as they discussed "The Balance of Power - The Dynamic Tension between the Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches of Government" - this year's Essay Competition topic. Participants in the speaker's series were Guy Houston - former Assemblyman, Judy Biviano-Lloyd - Altamont Strategies Executive, Barry Baskin - Contra Costa County Superior Court Judge and Lynne Leach - former Assemblywoman.

Students then wrote and submitted an essay on the competition topic using information from the presentations. They also were required to reference information in the Freedom Shrines placed in local schools by the Exchange Club. Scholarships awarded were $1,500 for 1st Place, $1,000 for 2nd Place and $500 for 3rd Place.

Special thanks is given to PG&E for donating a scholarship grant and to AT&T for supporting installation of Freedom Shrines of Historical Documents in our high schools.

Here is a complete list of scholarship participants and their high schools:
  • Emma Grager, San Ramon Valley
  • Miranda Halverson, Monte Vista
  • Steven Lau, California
  • Rebecca Rashid, Dougherty Valley
  • Jessica Ritenour, San Ramon Valley
  • Alexander Salazer, Dougherty Valley
  • Eric Wang, Dougherty Valley
  • Katherine Zhang, Dougherty Valley