Student scholarship essay winners May 24, 2011

Ceremony participants were Essay Organizers: Donna Kerger, Judy Lloyd and Denise Fowler, Karen Stepper - Exchange Club President, Students: Spencer Carter, Bianca De, Krithik Puthalath and Miranda Halverson, Mayor Abram Wilson.
The May 24th San Ramon City Council meeting was the setting for a recognition ceremony for the winners of the Exchange Club of the San Ramon Valley's Scholarship Essay competition. The competition was sponsored by AT&T and PG&E. Open to all students, essays were submitted with the topic, "Federal & State Mandates - are they an authorization to act or a command to be obeyed?"

Competition winners:
1st Place ($1500) - Bianca De
2nd Place ($1000) - Miranda Halverson
3rd Place ($500) - Spencer Carter
Honorable Mention - Krithik Puthalath

Judy Lloyd-Organizer, Bianca De, Miranda Halverson, Spencer Carter, Karen Stepper-Exchange Club President, and Denise Fowler-Organizer